She is a good girl with a broken heart

She is a good girl with a broken heart. 

Whenever she gets hurt, she will hold everything back. But in the end, she is crying her heart out when she is about to sleep. Seeing all of her efforts, time and energy wasted just like that, she is at her lowest. 

He broke her heart so many times. But she is afraid to break his heart back. He used her for his own benefits. But she never thought of leaving. 

But she keeps saying she is okay. She is okay but she is struggling a lot. She keeps telling herself that he is good enough. He is kind enough. He is enough for her. But not to him, he treated her like an option. 

Until one day she realized that she is trying way too hard to maintain that relationship. And she is tired as hell.

And she left him. Happily.

-dia 😊

Hahahahhaaa I can’t stop laughing. Thank you for it. Lol


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